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Bifoldex Ultra Slim Sliding

BIFOLDEX Ultra Slim Sliding

ultra slim sliding Doors Dubai


Creative Glass Doors Dubai

Bifoldex Ultra Slim Sliding Doors ―absolute architectural minimalism at its best―questions conventional boundaries. With Bifoldex Ultra Slim Sliding Glass Doors Dubai, architectural design can be stripped down to its most essential elements allowing for light, form, material, space, and nature to speak for itself. Outside and inside become one.

The minimal framed large panel sliding glass wall by Bifoldex Systems. Simple in form yet engineered to perfection. Producing clean, uniform, and ultra-thin lines for maximum light filled spaces that connect the interior to the exterior.

Symmetrical Picture Frame Effect

A Floor to Ceiling Lens to the Outside

The award-winning Bifoldex Ultra Slim Sliding offers full floor-to-ceiling sliding glass panels with recessed top and bottom tracks. Produced through time-tested premium Canada engineering, Bifoldex Ultra Slim Sliding allows for maximum transparency with the largest panes of glass and the most minimal frames offered by Bifoldex .

Narrow Stiles and Rails

With Bifoldex Ultra Slim Sliding Glass Doors Dubai, the panel’s rail and stiles are uniform with a consistent 1 5/16″ (34 mm) top to bottom, achieving a symmetrical and minimal design.


Uncompromised Roller System Equals Smooth Sliding

Engineered Features of the Roller System:

  • Bifoldex Ultra Slim Sliding II panels with double insulated glass have 2 carriers per panel and Bifoldex Ultra Slim Sliding III panels with triple insulated glass have 4 carriers per panel.
  • Floor supported Bifoldex Ultra Slim Sliding panels are operated by carriers containing a pair of wheels with encapsulated and self-lubricating ball bearings.
  • Unique to Bifoldex Ultra Slim Sliding is a Gothic arch wheel bearing design. With a 2 point contact of each wheel to the bottom track, the system glides with less friction.
  • Bifoldex Ultra Slim Sliding’s stainless steel wheels slide with ease on a stainless steel track.
  • To maintain the sleek minimal look, each carrier is concealed within the bottom panel profile.

Soft Opening and Closing

No Metal to Metal Contact

The system interlock design of 4 layers of soft gaskets allows for a soft closing of the panels. Transparent bumpers on the top and bottom vertical stile allow for a soft opening process.

Sophisticated Design Allows for Panel Deflection

Bifoldex’s panel and interlock design is engineered to accommodate panel and glass deflection with a built-in tolerance of up to 1/4″ (7 mm). This design also eliminates the concern of the metal vertical stiles touching the adjacent glass sliding panel during the opening and closing process.

Higher Weather Performance Sill

Floor Track Adjustability

To compensate for potential future building movement, Bifoldex’ s thermally broken Higher Weather Performance Sill offers height adjustability of up to 1/8″ (3 mm).

Bifoldex’ s Higher Weather Performance Sill is fully recessed into the floor creating a clean uninterrupted transition from interior to exterior.

An optional track insert is available to meet ADA requirements.

Track drainage provided by an engineered, cascading water management system. For installations requiring even greater drainage due to exposure, a matching French drain system is available.

Bifoldex’ s Higher Weather Performance Sill is thermally broken.


Elevated above Water Table

Bifoldex Floor Supported Technology assures that the rollers run above the water table and the design allows for continued long term smooth operation.

Brushes for Continuous Smooth Operation

Double sided brushes, located in front of each roller, remove debris from the track to contribute to a smooth running system.

Highly Secure Locking

Multipoint Tamper-Resistant System

With Bifoldex , security is provided with multipoint locking and a flat handle that is integrated into the 1 5/16″ (34 mm) vertical profile stile to maintain the clean, minimal appearance. A full 1″ (25 mm) throw securely locks the panel into a top and bottom adjustable locking receiver.

For those with higher security concerns, the system is able to meet the optional European security standards of either RC2 or RC3.

Flush Sill for Bifoldex II

Aesthetically Disappearing Floor Track

The Flush Sill option for Bifoldex II is available for sheltered or interior environments creating aesthetically seamless transitions between spaces.

The minimal Flush Sill is fully recessed at a shallow 7/8″ (23 mm) into the floor.

Finished flooring inserts can be easily installed in between the tracks making these sills virtually disappear. Sill design also makes for easy cleaning and maintenance.

For commercial environments, such as retail, hotels, and auto dealerships, the Flush Sill meets ADA requirements.

Bifoldex II’s Flush Sill is non-thermally broken.

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