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Frameless Folding Doors

BIFOLDEX Frameless Folding Doors Dubai

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Creative Design Freedom

Bifoldex Frameless Folding Doors Dubai with its innovative technology is your best option for a frameless folding glass wall whether you want to close and secure outdoor living areas or open up and join interior spaces.

Our Bifoldex Frameless Folding Doors System

Bifoldex has been tested to exceed standards for air intrusion and water tightness. ​No more wind, rain, noise or dust to interfere with your outdoor/ indoor living experience.

Symmetrical Picture Frame Effect

Enjoy More.

Bifoldex Dubai Frameless folding doors Provide you seamless views so you can enjoy the space more.

Minimal Design

Bifoldex has very minimal design good for interior partitions.


frameless glass doors dubai

The Bifoldex SL60 features a concealed locking rod and locks into both the head track and sill. The locking hardware has passed forced entry testing.
  • Exclusive Sidelock System™ compresses panels together for maximum weather efficiency.
  • UV rated, Translucent Polycarbonate Weather Seals on each panel for added water tightness
  • The panels glide on “Self Lubricating Teflon” for Maximum Seal.

Reason for Choose Us

We’re proud of what our products have done to set the standard for quality in the industry and we’re excited about helping you do your best work, for many years to come.